Living Room with Bar and Blue Curtains
Bar Table with Light

Spencers’ Happy Home

Derek and his family are one of the happiest we have met. They are full of vibrant fun energy which they hauled all the way from Mumbai. Derek was looking for a designer to match this enthusiasm for their new life and home in a new city. We thankfully fit the bill, and the journey was nothing short of amazing. 

Derek is partial to pastels and whites while Geri to mirrors and crystals. As with all projects, the tricky part was finding that sweet spot between the two. The cherry on the cake was the seaside view and sky, which we enhanced by framing the views with sky blue translucent curtains that seem to glow…an effect we have been able to capture through a combination of fabrics and lining. We also custom-designed many pieces of furniture, most notably the Vinyl Stand, to accommodate Derek’s audiophile needs.

This was our first outstation project.