Kedar’s Rental

During my first conversation with Kedar, he mentioned that he was relocating to India after many years abroad, and he wanted to do up his rental home on a budget because it is a rental home after all. Adjusting back to life in India can be a bittersweet experience and the reverse culture shock is quite potent. So, we decided to bring familiarity and freshness to this home. The design process ended up being a highly engaged one between Kedar and us.

We helped Kedar in picking the right home for him to rent. This house had gorgeous bones and we just needed to add the right colors and muted furniture to work with the client’s taste and palette. The occupants remain happy after a few months of living here so we are ready to think of this as a success!

This is the first time we used Ikea so extensively in a home, but it certainly brought a lot of familiarity to Kedar’s life as he had used some Ikea pieces in his last home in Singapore. They were also the only ones who were able to help with deliveries during the chaotic lockdown period. 

Kedar’s home has been featured on Ikea’s testimonial page. Check it out here