Passageway with concrete details around door
Monochromatic bedroom overlooking large window
Large comfortable armchair with fluted glass doors
Wash Basins and Mirror through fluted glass door
Bathtub next to Window with Curtains

Kumars’ Minimal Villa

The Kumars’ villa feels vast, especially when you meet the clients. Located in the heart of a busy section of the city, this development is an anomalous island of calm. We were tasked to do the interior design, soft architecture, and landscape of this space.

The Kumars’ have an affinity for airy, light, and breathable spaces. They purchased this home because they loved the idea of having the dense landscaped area around (which today houses their small bee-yard), complete with a water body and gazebo.

We first distributed the spatial requirements and then started to work on walls and windows. A large chunk of our time went to researching the perfect materials and products that’ll take this project to a whole new level – all within a tight budget. We mixed Ikea with custom products and splurged on high-impact design decisions such as the frameless windows, fixtures, and floors.

We believe that we really learned to work collaboratively with clients after this project.