Soods’ Transitional Home

With a break from solids and pastels, this house was an interesting challenge to put together. The clients came to the table with an open mind and were ready to embrace almost every design move – light and dark, textures and solids, hardness and softness, wood and metal… so the possibilities were endless. We took cues from their lifestyle and furniture in their previous home, and reverse engineered a palette from there. The photographs do a good job of capturing the dramatic shadows and contrasts, which were essential to creating the emotionally moving space, which we felt the clients needed. We wish we could have changed the floor in the living area as well but didn’t want to invest a large portion of the budget to this change. Always a challenge in builder apartments, the trick is to design a palette in sync with these existing elements.

This home will remain our most memorable project. We worked on this project for much longer than expected, partly because of the raging pandemic and partly because of unpredictable (and unfortunate) instances on the execution partner’s side, which lead to a complete collapse of their manufacturing system. We always hope and pray that the going will be consistently smooth, but realistically we need to be prepared for uncertainties too. It took weekend efforts, canceled trips, cleaning and drilling expertise, and hands-on site management but we were able to see the project through and feel stronger for it. In no small way, this was possible thanks to the amazing attitude and patience on our clients’ part.