Ikea Ekero Armchairs in Living Room
Activity Tall Table Stone Top Black Pendant Lamps
Monochromatic Breakfast Counter with White Barstools
Apartment Entryway with Storage and Art
Work Space Tall Desk Moody Light
Modern Grey Kitchen Beige Marble Counter
Modern Grey Kitchen Boho Chic
Dining Table Pendant Lamps
Breakfast Counter with Fluted Glass Bar Cabinets
Custom Dining Table Ikea Chairs Lamps
Colorful Bed and Cushions in dark blue-grey room
Colorful Bedroom with Red Painting and Green Cabinets
Neutral Grey Bedroom with Lake View through Beautiful Curtains
Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Lights
Work From Home Zoom Call Setup Study
Grey Bedroom Lake View Outside Deck
Cozy Oversized Armchair

Richa’s Anywhere Apartment

Richa’s apartment is located in the vicinity of Jakkur Lake, which is home to Pelicans and many small islands. She asked for a design that is agnostic of the city or location. If she wished, she could be in Bangalore, Mumbai, Paris, London, New York.. what have you!

Richa also has an affinity for dark, moody, and cold spaces. This is quite a departure from the standard warm and cozy interiors that clients generally gravitate toward. It took us a minute to adjust to her preferences. Brass and Woods gave way to Chromes and Solid Colors. This being a rental property and home to Richa’s life for an envisioned 5 years, we were playing within a defined budget. The apartment owner was accommodating of Richa’s requirements and we designed and installed the fixed woodwork as well. This way, we were able to design cohesively.

We broke this 4000sqft apartment down to smaller “activity islands” quite like the lake it sits next to. We deployed design strategies to make the open space feel like smaller rooms, without pulling any physical partitions up.

Floor Plan in Black and White with Minimal Layout