Dhawans’ Sliver of Happiness

We call this project a Sliver of happiness – a natural derivation of having some really joyful clients and a sliver of a gorgeous home. We worked on this project right after the first Covid-19 lockdown. The small square footage of this home is deceptive, considering this is a 3 storied villa. The layout is smartly done promising sunlight and ventilation to all rooms. The ask from the clients, a young couple with a kid and parents living in with them were twofold – work within a (very) tight budget and make the home look like nothing you normally see in India.

We took the challenge up and designed every element to the hilt. We made the rupee stretch. We omitted the much-hyped false ceiling in favour of exposed conduits and copper pipe detailing. The wall lamps were custom designed and manufactured by October. Our love for Ikea products paid off and we were able to pick and choose the right elements to make the space pop.